Quality and Safety in Everything We Do

At GREEN ENVY, we rigorously inspect and test all your product to ensure that quality and safety are at the heart of everything we produce. Don’t chance your precious landscaping to inferior and unregulated products. “Moon lighting” and unlicensed businesses may try to produce and sell you horse manure based mulch but its important to know that these inferior sideline products are not regulated and if not produced properly, can present health hazards, destroy plantings, and possibly harm animals and pets.

GREEN ENVY mulch is made using a highly regulated process that burns out all pollutants and ensures a safe and high quality mulch using a non-toxic proprietary formula that contains zero artificial additives, chemicals or dyes. GREEN ENVY is proud to be trusted by high-end nurseries, landscapers, and homeowners looking for the best all-natural mulch available on the market.